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Why Having a Blog Still Matters for Photographers and Videographers in 2019

SEO for one. Straight up. Also, having a voice. A “ledger.” Social Media is great, and without even getting into the debate about the goods and the bads, it’s still very different than having a personal blog. How about turning clients on to things they have never thought about, like the merits of having a GIPHY channel for brands, or vertical video for social, or having a checklist for things to have ready for a portrait session; maybe even resources for other photographers and videographers like running your business, getting insurance, how to contact Creative Directors and such. Maybe you just got into shooting film after being the first digital-only generation, and you want to share how cool and dreamy you think that is. #35mmgang

Today I’m launching “Focus / Hunting” a depository of things I want to share, discuss, teach, even learn, and explore with anyone interested in my work and the field in general. I’m gonna keep it pretty loose and focus on the doing, and not being the slickest produced thing. Part artist notes, scribbles, typos and all, part decently produced and well thought out resource channel. I staved off having a strict Youtube channel a la “being a YouTuber” not because I’m too cool and I think Youtubers are dumb (I love that scene tbh, rock on y’all) but rather because I know it’s a full-time job in it’s own right, and I would likely be pressed to be consistent and to commit. With that said, I will be doing videos. I’m not sure exactly with what execution or end results, but I’m pretty sure I’m not that amped up on being a gear reviewer and affiliate hocker, but may touch upon things I find that are helpful, cool, and where I've found cheaper alternatives and such.

What else is there to say atm other than let’s have fun, learn, and do some dope visual stuff.